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One Year Plant Guarantee

We make every effort to supply quality nursery stock. We strive to produce the best and hardiest varieties. All of our nursery operations (planting, pruning, spraying, digging and delivery) are coordinated to assure solid transplanting results. We’re confident of our plants – because they are grown locally. Keep in mind the availability below changes daily. We suggest calling before visiting to be sure the product you’re looking for is available.

Terms & Conditions

  1. Your nursery stock must already be paid in full. Any payment extension must be listed in a written agreement through McKay Nursery’s accounting department.
  2. The nursery stock is given reasonable care. We ask that you follow all recommended planting and watering instructions.
  3. We will provide a replacement plant at the original size purchased.
  4. Notification of replacement need should be made as soon as failure is determined along with a photo.
  5. Our inventory for each season is limited. Replacements are handled on a first come, first serve basis. Because there is a possibilities of our being out of an item, we reserve the right to substitute a like plant or equal or greater value.
  6. The cost of the original plant may be used toward the purchase of a different item. In no event will McKay Nursery be liable for any amount greater than the cost of the original plant. McKay does not issue cash refunds.

Exclusions from the one year guarantee:

  • Any plants that are planted outside their hardiness zone are excluded from this guarantee. All roses, groundcovers, vines, and perennials planted in stone mulch will not be guaranteed.
  • Royal Red Maple, Japanese Maples, Magnolia, Azalea and Rhododendron are EXCLUDED from this guarantee.
  • Plants that fail as a result of mechanical damage, over-watering, insect or disease, rodents, neglect or natural disaster are not covered under this guarantee.

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